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Approximate Area of Chupadera Mesa Site Aerial Photograph
NM.04-5 - Chupadera Mesa Site History Date July 21, 2008
Considered Sites DocumentNew_Mexico7/21/2008
NM.04-1 - DOE Letter; DeLaney to Garcia; Elimination of Chupadera Mesa and Los Alamos County Industrial Waste Line Sites from further consideration for FUSRAP inclusion; 4/22/86. Attachment: Elimination Review Los Alamos County Industrial Waste Lines; Circa 1986
Considered Sites DocumentNew_Mexico4/22/1986
NM.04-2 - NM.04.1  Attachment: Chupadera Mesa and Near-By Areas Summary Review to Support the DOE Designation/Elimination Decision; November 1985
Considered Sites DocumentNew_Mexico11/30/1985
NM.04-3 - LANL Report (LA-10256-MS); Radiological Survey and Evaluation of the Fallout Area from the Trinity Test: Chupadera Mesa and White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico; Issued June 1985
Considered Sites DocumentNew_Mexico6/30/1985
NM.04-4 - EPA Report (Technical Note ORP/LV-78-3); Levels and Distribution of Environmental Plutonium Around the Trinity Site; October 1978
Considered Sites DocumentNew_Mexico10/31/1978
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