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Chicago South Site Aerial Photograph
IL.06-9 - DOE (OR-FSRD) Report; Draft Certification Docket for the Remedial Action Performed at the University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, from December 1982 to October 1987; December 1989
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-8 - AEC Letter; Bauer to Biles; Subject: Radiological Condition Surveys of Real Property; November 12, 1974
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-7 - Aerospace Letter; Vierzba to Mott; Subject: University of Chicago Buildings Used by the Manhattan Engineer District; September 16, 1980
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-6 - Letter; Adams to Williams; Subject: Role of Metal Hydrides, Inc. in the Development of Atomic Energy; November 1, 1994
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-5 - ANL Letter; Hilberry to Harrell; Subject: Summary Report of ANL Activities for the Past 10 Years Concerning Research and Development in the Atomic Energy Field; September 17, 1951
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-4 - ANL Draft Report (ANL-OHS/HP-84-108); Formerly Utilized MED/AEC Sites Remedial Action Program - Report of the Decontamination of Jones Chemical Laboratory, Ryerson Physical Laboratory, and Eckert Hall - The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; August 1984
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-3 - ANL (ANL-OHS/HP-82-100); Formerly Utilized MED/AEC Sites Remedial Action Program - Radiological Survey of the George Herbert Jones Chemical Laboratory - The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois - June 13-17, 1977; May 1982
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-2 - DOE Memorandum; Baublitz to Keller (OR); Subject: University of Chicago Remedial Action Plan; August 17, 1983
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
IL.06-1 - DOE Memorandum; Coffman to LaGrone; Subject: Designation of the University of Chicago Sites for Remedial Action Under the Formerly Utilized MED/AEC Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP); May 20, 1983
Considered Sites DocumentIllinois5/22/2009
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